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Tap into 32 years of Federal Technology Leadership


Highly accomplished Federal technology leader with extensive experience as a Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Director of Cyber security directly supporting complex operational mission performance, corporate level strategic planning, domestic and international maritime safety and security, core enterprise business systems, and information exchange across complex public and private technology systems.  Exceptional skills in leading interdisciplinary, headquarters-level and major field offices of a large federal operating component.  Continuous U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) service 1980 - 2014, progressing through a series of increasingly challenging command and staff positions leading to senior executive level as a two-star Admiral serving 5 years as CIO and Commander CG Cyber Command.  TS/SCI clearance with CI polygraph.

Cyber Security

During my 5 years of leading the development and commissioning of Coast Guard Cyber Command, I had broad visibility of the challenges faced by our Nation and directly participated in development of the strategies and responses being framed by U.S. Cyber Command, the Department of Homeland Security, and the U.S. Coast Guard.


Initiatives overseen include establishment of a new cyber defense organization with enhanced capabilities to ensure the integrity of the Coast Guard .mil network.  Additionally, initiated evaluation, broad public and private discussion, and initial action on emerging cyber secuirty issues in Maritime Critical Infrastructure/Key Resources (MCIKR).


Bob Day & Associates has assisted clients understand the Federal cyber landscape and develop strategies to bring new capabilities bear on critical issues.  Bob is currently assisting the Commonwealth of Virginia as the Executive Director of Governor McAulife's Cyber Commission chaired by Secretary of Technology Karen Jackson and Richard Clarke.   

Information Technology 

From data center consolidation and mobility strategies to service desks and virtualization approaches, I have led the Coast Guard IT organization through the myriad of challenges that these initiatives pose to not only the CIO staff but more importantly the core operating units.


Understanding core business requirements, finding the right versus "wanted" technology solutions, and most importantly guiding the organization through the needed business process changes to align with the new technology is essential to success.  It requires honest and open dialog with all stakeholders, dialog that is not technically oriented, and the ability to shift cultures resistant to new ways of leveraging technology.  New levels of enterprise IT Governance that gives all stakeholders an equal share in the process has from my experience resulted in new levels of overall IT performance and targeted investment of scarce resources.


Cloud, mobility, and commodity IT services are drastically changing the nature of IT organizations and their workforce.  The impact of these shifts must be fully understood and strategies to manage the resulting changes put in place to survive the constantly shifting IT landscape.


Whether it is reviewing capabilities for alignment with a requirement, vetting a strategy, or assisting with those tough culture changes, Bob Day & Associates can provide valuable support.



Command & Control

My understanding of the impacts that IT and Cyber have had on overall Command and Control has been honed through 32 years of leveraging these capabilities to deliver Coast Guard mission success.  Advanced shipboard systems, IP based radio systems, precision navigation capabilities, and fusion of mission and intelligence feeds into common operational pictures are just a few examples of the transformations that I have been involved in.  The ultimate objective of all of these initiatives is to allow the operator to get more "steel on target" and improve mission efficiency.


Much like what I have experienced in the pure IT field, ultimate success in these endeavors comes down to requirements management and exceptional acquisition processes that the entire enterprise has bought into and follows.  Today's tight budget environments mandates these approaches and I would place the Coast Guard processes right up there with the best in Government.  


Aligning technologies to mission and applying requirements governance and acquisition process rigor are just a few of the capabilities that I can assist my client to excel in the extremely challenging Command and Control arena.

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